ILLA: Volume 3 (Current Studies on South American Languages)
Mily Crevels, Simon van de Kerke, Sérgio Meira & Hein van der Voort (1-7)

Sociolinguistics and history of the field

Why speakers shift and languages die: An account of language death in Amazonian Bolivia
Mily Crevels (9-30)

Guaraní criollo y guaraní étnico en Paraguay, Argentina y Brasil
Wolf Dietrich (31-41)

Diferencias entre el lenguaje de hombres y mujeres en Chiquitano (Besiro)
Sieglinde Falkinger (43-55)

Multilingual literacies in Bolivia
Utta von Gleich (57-74)

Leben, Expeditionen, Sammlungen und unveröffentlichte wissenschaftliche Tagebücher von Dr. Emil Heinrich Snethlage
Rotger Michael Snethlage (75-88)

Life, expeditions, collections and unpublished field notes of Dr. Emil Heinrich Snethlage
Rotger Michael Snethlage (89-102)

Phonology & phonetics

Nominal morphophonological processes observed in Pedro de la Mata's Arte de la Lengua Cholona (1748)
Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus (103-110)

Las estructuras fonéticas de la lengua embera
Esther Herrera Z. (111-126)

La fonología suprasegmental y otras particularidades del baniva de Maroa, idioma tonal arawak del Río Negro, Venezuela
Esteban Emilio Mosonyi (127-136)

Fonología del Proto-Mataguayo: Las fricativas dorsales
Pedro Viegas Barros (137-148)


Cashinahua personal pronouns in grammatical relations
Eliane Camargo (149-168)

Algunos rasgos tipológicos del Kamsá (Valle de Sibundoy, Alto Putumayo, sudoeste de Colombia) vistos desde una perspectiva areal
Alain Fabre (169-198)

Person hierarchy and its implications: The case of Aymara
Elena Filimonova (199-213)

Nominal classification in Movima
Colette Grinevald (215-239)

Complex verb formation in Leko
Simon van de Kerke (241-254)

A first comparison of pronominal and demonstrative systems in the Cariban language family
Sérgio Meira (255-275)

Le parfait en kali'na
Odile Renault-Lescure (277-286)

Gender agreement in Mosetén
Jeanette Sakel (287-305)

The quotative construction in Kwaza and its (de-)grammaticalisation
Hein van der Voort (307-328)

Applicative affixes in Peruvian Amazonian languages
Mary Ruth Wise (329-344)

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