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Etnolinguistica.Org is a repository of information on native South American languages, being part of a wider project to create and gather online resources on this field, for both academic researchers and the general public. The project started in 2002 as a mailing list. The list quickly evolved into a major forum for the discussion of research topics on South American languages, the promotion of events and online resources—in sum, a meeting point for all those interested in South American linguistics and related areas, such as ethnohistory, anthropology, archaelogy, and education.

This website offers a comprehensive, up-to-date library of links to open-access periodicals, news articles, dissertations and theses, among other online resources. Most of the information gathered here circulated initially in the discussion list, whose users (ranging from experienced scholars to undergraduate students) are by far our most important source.

Related projects include an electronic journal and a digital library of hard-to-find books and articles on South American languages.

This site is part of the Etnolinguistica.Org network.
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