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Cadernos de Etnolingüística (Estudos de Lingüística Sul-Americana) is an online journal that publishes original contributions on South American indigenous languages, including articles, reviews, squibs, and unpublished documents (or documents of previously limited circulation). Its main goal is to promote the exchange of ideas among researchers in the field, encourage the discussion of important topics, and communicate recent advances in the study of the continent's indigenous languages.

The journal has the qualities of a traditional academic journal, such as an editorial board and a set of qualified external reviewers, who are responsible for maintaining the editorial quality of the journal, and consist of reseachers actively involved in the study and documentation of indigenous languages of the continent. At the same time, the journal has the advantages of a electronic journal, such as the ability to include auxiliary audio and video materials, as well as links to freely available online materials.

We follow the basic formatting rules suggested by the Committee of Editors of Linguistics Journals in its Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics.

For glossing rules, we recommend the use of the Leipzig Glossing Rules.

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For details on the submission process, suggestions, and comments, please contact the editors.

Série Monografias

The Série Monografias (Monograph Series) publishes works of greater length than a traditional article, such as dictionaries, grammatical sketches, or annotated versions of old manuscripts, as independent publications. This series combines the advantages of a journal (e.g., peer review) with those of a book (e.g. the ability to publish proceedings from conferences, or thematically organized edited volumes). Each volume in this series receives its own ISBN.

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