TAYLOR, Kenneth I.
  • Body and spirit among the Sanumá (Yanoama) of North Brazil. In Francis X. Grollig and Harold B. Haley, Medical anthropology. The Hague/Paris, Mouton Publishers, 1976, pp. 27-48. Bibliografia.

O trabalho investiga a natureza das relações entre certos espíritos auxiliares do xamã sanumá - os hekula animais - e a sociedade humana. O autor revê a literatura sobre o assunto e caracteriza essa categoria de hekula como benfazeja, porque "In mythological times the ancestors of animal species just as the other beings of that time, were corporeal, humanoid in both body and spirit, and indestructible. When they were transformed into animals they lost this condition, becoming animaloid and destructible. The cooperative nature of the faunal hekula can, then, be understood as part of an attempt on their part to reestablish, to the extent that present-day circumstances permit, the situation of their mythological ancestor, i.e., that of humanoid appearance, indestructibility, and corporeality" (p. 30).

(p. 604-605)

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