HICKS, David
  • A structural model of Aweikoma society. In T. O. Beidelmann (editor), The translation of culture. Essays to E. E. Evans-Pritchard. London, Tavistock, 1971, pp. 141-159, notas. Bibliografia.

Um cuidadoso confronto crítico dos trabalhos publicados sobre os Aweikoma ou Xokleng de Santa Catarina leva o autor às seguintes conclusões: "The mode of articulation of the Aweikoma social groups is thus triadic. This conclusion has at least three interesting consequences. First, though the Aweikoma tribe is conventionally classed as a representative of the Gê-speaking peoples in this structural respect they appear to be in a singular position, since while triadic arrangements may be featured in some Gê societies such as the Akwẽ-Shavante, in each case the radical principle of order regulatinq the social forms is not triadic. Typically, in fact, it seems to be dyadic. A second entailment is that a structural incongruence between the triadic social order and the dyadic symbolic order can be detected. The final effect of this conclusion is to demonstrate yet again that the social order of Aweikoma society is fundamentally different from that of the dyadic Kaingang and constitutes further justification for distinguishing them" (pp. 156-157).

(p. 290-291)

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