• Observations on the Painted Designs of Patagonian Skin Robes. Essays in Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology by Samuel K. Lothrop and others, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1961, pp. 421-447 e 504-507, 22 figuras no texto, 1 prancha colorida fora do texto. Bibliografia: pp. 481-483.

Nesta análise de ornamentos pintados por índios da Patagônia há referências à arte dos Kadiuéu e de índios do noroeste brasileiro. Observa o autor: «We believe that the designs of the Tehuelche robes and the Caduveo arm-paintings, specifically the designs of figures 4 and 5-6, are in fact closely related survivals of one and the same archaic tradition.» (p. 426).

(p. 651-652)

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