MURDOCK, George Peter
  • World Ethnographic Sample. American Anthropologist, LIX, n. 4, Menasha 1957, pp. 664-687. Bibliografia.

Segundo o autor, "this paper has two primary objectives: (1) to present a carefully selected sample of all the cultures known to history and ethnography, and (2) to classify each selected culture according to certain standard ethnographic categories. The sample is specifically designed to be as representative as possible of the entire known range of cultural variation, so that it may serve alike as a rough indication of the quantitative incidence of the tabulated traits among mankind as a whole, as a guide to their distribution by geographical regions and areas, and as an aid in the testing of scientific hypotheses." (p. 664).
No quadro que mostra 30 características de 565 culturas das diversas partes do mundo, figuram numerosas culturas de tribos do Brasil.

(p. 495)

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