MEGGERS, Betty J., and EVANS, Clifford
  • An Experimental Formulation of Horizon Styles in the Tropical Forest Area of South America. Essays in Pre-Columbian Art and Archaeology by Samuel K. Lothrop and others, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1961, pp. 372-388 e 502, 10 figuras no texto. Bibliografia: pp. 478-479.

Observam os autores a respeito desta importante contribuição à arqueologia amazônica: "This attempt at horizon style analysis leads to the inference that the Tropical Forest Area was the recipient of four separate and successive influences. Two of these, the zoned-hachure and polychrome horizon styles, appear to have been introduced from the west and are limited in distribution to the Amazon basin. The other two have an Orinoco and lower Amazon distribution, and the incised-and-punctate horizon style at least appears to have moved from the Orinoco into the Amazon drainage. As a consequence of these different origins and directions of spread, complexes representing all four styles are found only in the lower Amazon region." (pp. 381-382). Acrescentam ainda: "Our present conclusion is that Amazonia was the recipient of a far greater number of traits than it dispersed, at least so far as pottery making is concerned." (p. 386).

(p. 470)

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