• Parallel Descent and the Apinayé Anomaly. Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, XVI, n. 2, Albuquerque 1960, pp. 191-216, 3 gráficos, 1 mapa e 2 tabelas de nomenclatura de parentesco no texto. Bibliografia.

Analisando os dados relativos ao sistema matrimonial apresentados por Nimuendajú na sua monografia sôbre os Apinayé (B. C. 1104), o autor mostra que tal sistema, por razões demográficas, não podia ter funcionado ao tempo da pesquisa de campo e que é incompatível com a estrutura da nomenclatura de parentesco. Referindo-se aos trabalhos de Nimuendajú sôbre os Gê, lamenta que "Such a gifted observer should have lacked the acquaintance with social anthropological theory, which would have enabled him to make satisfactory analyses of the complex systems he studied. The result of this is that he did not understand the structure of these systems and thus we can never be wholly certain that he is correct in his reports of marriage prohibitions, of kinship terminology, and especially of the crucial cousin-terms." (p. 203).

(p. 456)

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