HURT, Jr., Wesley R.
  • The Cultural Complexes from the Lagoa Santa Region, Brazil. American Anthropologist, LXII, n. 4, Menasha 1960, pp. 569-585, 1 mapa no texto. Bibliografia.

O autor descreve as escavações que fêz em 1956 com o propósito de colhêr dados acêrca da propalada contemporaneidade do chamado Homem de Lagoa Santa com a fauna extinta do Pleistoceno. Chega à seguinte conclusão: "In none of the caves excavated in 1956 was there any evidence whatsoever that man was contemporaneous with the extinct Pleistocene animals such as horse, cave bear, or ground sloth. In the Gruta da Lapa do Chapeu a tooth of a mammal tentatively identified as a camel was found in a bed containing sherds, clearly and midden deposits. The fact that no evidence was found in the caves of Lagoa Santa of Pleistocene man by the 1956 project does not in itself prove that other caves in the region may not have been so occupied. There is always the possibility that future excavations in the region will find proof." (pp. 583-584).

(p. 377-378)

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