• Bororo Spiritism as Revitalization. Practical Anthropology, X, n. 4, Tarrytown 1963, pp. 187-189.

Empregando o conceito de revitalização de acôrdo com a definição de Anthony Wallace (American Anthropologist, vol. 58, 1956) como "a deliberate effort by members of a society to build a more satisfying culture under extreme stress", o que difere de aculturação "in that it is a conscious change originating from within the society itself" (p. 187), a autora indica "possíveis razões" de mudanças na religião dêsses índios mato-grossenses. Observa que, entre êles, "Co-existent with the totemic religion is a religion of spirit worship" e chega à conclusão "that it is not unlikely that the totemic religion will die out altogether within a generation or so, and in its place spiritism will function as the integrating principle in Bororo culture…" (p. 189).

(p. 370-371)

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