FOCK, Niels
  • South American Birth Customs in Theory and Practice. Folk, II, København 1960, pp. 51-69, 2 figuras e 1 mapa no texto. Bibliografia.

O autor discute as teorias de Wilhelm Schmidt (B. C. 2634) e outros sôbre a cuvade, à luz do material por êle colhido entre os Waiwai, acrescentando, ainda, dados comparativos sôbre outras tribos sul-americanas. Chega à conclusão de que êsses costumes ligados ao parto, especialmente entre as tribos das florestas tropicais sul-americanas, provàvelmente "are (1) motivated by the great child mortality, (2) are stamped by the special distribution of work within semi-agriculture, but (3) are created by purely animistic ideas about the human soul and animal or other nature spirits as possessing qualities like divisibility and contagion. This results in the strong spirits being dangerous to the weak infant soul. The more these dangerous spirits are connected to the man's domain of work, the more the natal customs will result in a practice closer to the classic idea of couvade. Though couvade―and other natal customs―may also later be veiled by superimposed magic practice." (p. 68). Pequena lista de vocábulos waiwai encerra o trabalho (p. 68).

(p. 292-293)

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