CROCKER, William H.
  • Conservatism among the Canela: An analysis of contributing factors. XXXV Congreso Internacional de Americanistas, México 1962, Actas y Memorias, III, México 1964, pp. 341-346.

O autor conclui: "…that of eleven factors contributing to the evolution and maintenance of Canela conservatism, four were aboriginal characteristics of the Canela socio-cultural system: (1) selfsufficiency, (2) high social cohesion, (3) an ample variety of individual satisfactions, and (4)flexibility with respect to solving group problems; two of these factors were ecological: (5) economic abundance and (6) the savannah buffer zone; one factor might be termed spatial: (7) the fortuitous location of the Canela lands; and the remaining four factors might be called acculturative since they are very general in their reference and involve both the societies in the contact situation: (8) the mildness of the acculturative pressures, (9) the undesirability of the Canela lands, (10) their being allowed to remain on their lands, and (11) the development of strong negative stereotypes against the settlers." (p. 346).

(p. 221-222)

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