CARTER, George F.
  • Is there an American Lower Paleolithic? Miscellanea Paul Rivet octogenario dicata, I, México 1958, pp. 227-243, 8 figuras no texto. Bibliografia.

Perguntando pela existência do paleolítico inferior na América, o autor responde que "We do have a considerable range of typologically Lower Paleolithic materiais in America, and it does resemble Old World materials. From C-14 data, we know that glaciation persisted until about 10,000 years ago, but that man was present as much as 30,000 years ago. In the West, we know that the typologically early tools are 'weathered' (including such features as granite weathering, patination, desert varnish) beyond anything found in the 30,000 year level. The artifact bearing interglacial gravels about San Diego contain a quartzite cobble tool industry geologically placeable as not later than third interglacial. The discrepancy in age between some of the Old World and New World Lower Paleolithic industries would seem then to be largely non-existent. And, I will insist again that we may yet have no real appreciation of the maximum antiquity for man in America." (p. 243).
Cf. a respeito o artigo de Bosch-Gimpera, ibidem, pp. 49-76
(B. C. 1945).

(p. 187)

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