• Twelve Views in the Interior of Guiana: from drawings executed by Mr. Charles Bentley, after sketches taken during the Expedition carried on in the years 1835 to 1839. With descriptive letter-press by Robert H. Schomburgk, Esq. Accompanied by illustrations on wood. London 1841. Texto: 38 pp., in-folio.

As páginas 29 a 38 encerram um capítulo sôbre os índios da Guiana, dando ligeiras notas sôbre os "Arawaaks, Warraus, Caribs or Caribisi, Acawais or Waccawaios, Macusis, Arécunas, Wapisianas, Atorais or Atorias, Tarumas, Woyawais". Grande parte das ilustrações representa índios.

(p. 651)

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